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コンピューティングの未来をつくる力強いコンビネーション: FOSS とクラウド

The Open Source Summit in Hong Kong last week demonstrates the power of the open source methodology and the OpenStack community. The Summit was the first summit outside of the United States and attracted over 3,000 attendees from over 50 countries (significantly more than the Summit in Portland). OpenStack has grown dramatically with over 12,000 individual members in over 130 countries. The software has been deployed in over 200 cities. The keynotes were great, but Danny Sabbah, IBM CTO and General Manager for Next Generation Platform, was particularly fascinating: he described the shift in computing as the most massive transformation of the industry that he has seen in his career which started in 1974. The cloud has the power to change both how we compute and what we compute. This change will transform the Internet into a “compute engine”. As context, he noted the following trends: the size of the “digital universe” will increase by 50 times between 2010 and 2020, with over 40 zettabytes of data; the number of smart phones will increase by over 20 times to 10 billion by 2016 and the active users of Facebook will increase by 10 times to over 1 billion by 2013. OpenStack, with its open architecture and collaborative development methodology, can play a central role in this transformation.

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