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アーロン シュワルツ シークレットサービスファイルの最初の104ページ公開 - 97ページに登場する女性は誰か?

Kevin Poulsen at Wired reports that the first 104 pages of Aaron Swartz's Secret Service files are available now, with a lot more to come, as a result of court ordered release. There are apparently 14,500 more pages to come.

Look at page 97. It's redacted so the identity of the woman is kept confidential, but it appears from the notation that a woman was in contact with authorities and informing them of conversations between her and Swartz.

The notation on that page reads:

[Redacted] said that she also spoke with Swartz after the search of his residence. [Redacted] said that Swartz told her that agents came into his house and took part of his book. [Redacted] said that Swartx also said that agents came into the Safra Center and took his controller for Rock Band. [Redacted] said that Swartz told her that the agents were frustrated and that they did not find what they were looking for. [Redacted] said that Swartz told her that the agents took his phones....[Redacted] said that Swartz started a Google Group called Guerilla Open Access.

So after the raid, Swartz spoke with a female friend, or someone he wrongly imagined was a friend, who then told the raiders what his reaction to the raid had been and told them about Guerilla Open Access. So. Who fits that description? What isn't clear is whether it was an informer in a traditional sense or someone contacted by them, as opposed to the other way around, just a person being interviewed in connection with the case.

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