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RANDと公正な取引に関するマイクロソフトとモトローラの意見書 ~ pj

There are a couple of filings in the Seattle Microsoft v. Motorola case to tell you about. And I will, plus I have them done as text for you. There was a teleconference early in June, on the 5th, and the presiding judge, the Hon. James L. Robart, asked the parties to file briefs with the court "to provide an overview of what is required by the duty of good faith and fair dealing in the context of...


Orin KerrによるAndrew "Weev" Auernheimerのための審判請求理由書 - もうひとつのCFAA訴訟 ~pj

Orin Kerr has posted the appeal brief [PDF] just filed on behalf of Andrew "Weev" Auernheimer. It is a group work, with EFF's Hanni M. Fakhoury, Marcia C. Hofmann, and Tor B. Ekeland and Mark H. Jaffe of the law firm Tor Ekeland, PC, also listed as representing the appellant. It's another hair-pulling Computer Fraud and Abuse Act case, so I believe you're interested...


オラクル対グーグルの公判記録ページ、ついに ~pj

I'm sorry this took so long, but I've finally got a dedicated page done for all the Oracle v. Google trial transcripts. So if you want to know what any of the witnesses had to say, you can find it on that page. You'll also find the trial exhibits and the jury verdict and the judge's order and final judgment, as well as links to Groklaw's coverage from the courtroom. For everything...


SCO の一部判決案に対するIBMの異議と訂正 ~pj

IBM has filed on time its objections [PDF] to SCO's Statement in Compliance with the Court's Order Reopening the Case. The Hon. David Nuffer, now presiding over this farce SCO insists on playing out, ordered SCO to file a list of which of its claims, if any, it believes survived SCO's massive loss to Novell. And it did file, but IBM noticed that SCO attached to its Statement a proposed judgment [PDF] for the judge to sign, trickily titled "Proposed Judgment Dismissing SCO's Claims Mooted by the Final Judgment in SCO v. Novell." And 'mooted', IBM points out, is hardly the right word. IBM calmly and cooly presents the court with an alternative version [PDF]...


アップル対サムスン二次訴訟にGalaxy S4を加えるアップルの申し立ては却下 ~pj

Magistrate Judge Paul Grewall has denied Apple's motion asking for leave to add Samsung's Galaxy S4 to Apple v. Samsung II. The presiding judge already ordered the parties to streamline the case and adding it would necessitate massive discovery. Also, he noted Samsung's argument that as a very new product, the financial data needed for litigation is not yet available. However, he suggests in a footnote that if Apple believes it's being irreparably harmed by the sale of this product, Apple instead should start a new case: Although Apple did not raise the issue, the...

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